Install Graphics Draw on Cpanel VPS Server

We recently migrated a new customer to our CPanel VPS server and discovered that their Joomla website required the Graphics Draw image processing feature. This allows for the server to do a number of things with photos. In our case it was for the "image gallery" add on which automatically creates thumbnails for photos in a directory.

Enable GD by doing the following in WHM as root. (CPanel/WHM 11.38)

  1. Login to WHM
  2. go to menu option "Easy Apache" on the left.

  3. Begin by selecting previous config and select "start customizing"

  4. Leave your current Apache and PHP versions the same. Continue to page 4 "Short List Options"
  5. On the bottom of page 4 select "Exhaustive Options List"
  6. This list is big so use your find (Ctrl+F) to search the page for "GD". Once you find it select it.

    You may get a warning that the add on will enable Zlib, which is fine.

  7. At this point go to the bottom of the page and select build profile/build config. Easy Apache will begin the build process. You can watch the status and it will let you know once it is completed.

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