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Safebit Solutions Inc. provides Houston Phone Systems installation and ongoing support for both on-premise and cloud hosted VoIP PBX solutions.

The SBS team leverages our data networking and voice communication expertise to provide a unified offering to our customers. Our Houston Phone Systems provide businesses the latest in communications technology features for today and tomorrow.  Look to Safebit Solutions Inc. to be your single source for all of your businesses communications needs.

Safebit Solutions Inc. is the premier Partner of Sangoma Technologies, a leader in IP telephone hardware and software in the Houston area.

Why a Houston Phone Systems solution from SBS?

  • Best Feature Set - Our Asterisk based VoIP solution is tightly integrated with your computer network. Feature like "Voicemail to Email" and "Click to Call" are easily integrated. The VoIP solutions are based on Asterisk which can be easily customized to your business with its extensive feature set.
  • System Management - While our team at Safebit Solutions can provide the day to day support for your Phone System, It is possible to manage the system yourself with training from our team.
  • No Additional Infrastructure - VoIP uses your existing computer network. This results in less cabling & less complexity in the data closet. Safebit Solutions Inc. will customize and update your data network  as needed to support VoIP properly.
  • Remote Office & Mobile Workforce - Have your remote offices and workers at your fingertips. Local extension calling to any phone on the system no matter the location!
  • Advanced Call routing - Using VoIP we can utilize low cost internet SIP Trunks to terminate your long distance and international calls. In some cases we have cut customers phone bills by up to 50% monthly.
  • Payment Options - We work with our customer for flexible payment options for on-premise systems if desired.

Vendors we partner with:

  • Sangoma PBX Systems, UC Software, Phones, Gateways & Interface Cards
  • Digium Phones, Interface Cards
  • Polycom Phones
  • Yealink Phones

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