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When working with Safebit Solutions Inc., help is just a phone call away. Let our Houston IT support desk be a local extension of your company!

Our team will customize a Houston IT Support option that best suits your business. Maintain peace of mind knowing that your employees can reach out for technical support quickly when day to day IT issues arise.

We provide IT support utilizing the following methods.

  • Onsite (Houston area)
  • Phone
  • Remote Screen Sharing
  • Online Helpdesk

Utilizing our help desk allows us to easily create usage reports for business managers. This  also helps us in researching critical areas of improvement for the client.

Why Outsource? Here are the primary reasons why you should consider outsourcing your Houston IT Support with Safebit Solutions Inc.

  • Cost Savings - including salary, employee benefits, office space & training
  • Pooled Skill Set - With our domestic IT support team located in Houston Texas you get a team of highly skilled professionals. Our skills stay sharp as we deal with different clients on a daily bases in different environments & industries.
  • Better Accountability - Your technology will be supported by our 3rd party team and not small group of internal individuals. This allows more accountability for your business than an internal IT Staff. Don't put your business at risk with a disgruntled IT employee!

SBS Total Control - Safebit Solutions Inc. provides a cloud monitoring service to monitor all servers and workstations on your network. Using a series of alerting notifications, we can locate issues with your systems proactively before they occur. This results in less downtime due to unexpected system issues.

Safebit Solutions Inc. is not just limited to providing IT services in Houston, We support clients across the country with remote offices throughout the world. Give us a call and we will customize a plan for your business.

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