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Cloud Hosting Overview

"The SBS Cloud" is a cloud hosting service created and supported by Safebit SolutionsCloud Hosting Inc. to provide its customers with this emerging technology. The offering was created to supplement our current IT solutions portfolio. The SBS Cloud will allow clients to deploy their applications, servers & workstations to our highly available cloud and never worry with the constant upgrading of hardware and software on site. The key benefit is that your business can move from a high upfront expense for upgrades and new equipment to a consistent monthly fee (Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure). The other major benefit is that the environment is available 24/7 in our data-center with redundant power and internet connectivity giving business owners peace of mind.

At Safebit Solutions Inc., we have spent countless engineering hours and a large investment to build a fast, reliable & secure cloud that will grow with our customers increasing computing demands. Our plan was to provide our customers a solution that would keep us 100% in control of their data at all times. Thinking forward we did not want to put our customers systems access and data into the hands of a 3rd party vendors that do not know their business as we do. This allows us to not only expand our business into a cloud service provider but also continue to provide a single point of contact for our customers IT needs.

Our Platform:

"The SBS Cloud", cloud hosting service is based on Citrix XenServer as the platform of choice. We have chosen Citrix because of the wide support and features available. XenServer is a cloud proven product that can easily expand with increased demand.

It is important to know that our platform is not a shared platform common with other providers solutions. Some cloud hosting providers will use a single Microsoft Windows Active Directory installation and separate the clients using software permissions in a Windows environment. While this model saves on licensing costs it can present two major issues. 1. Application compatibility issues can arise in this senario. 2. It can potentially open up security issues and an increased possibility of administrative errors. All customers on "The SBS Cloud" are separated utilizing virtual switches(vlans) and firewall Access Control Lists(ACL) so that there are no possibilities of exposed data and communications. Our platform is audited rigorously to maintain the highest security for our client's data.


Safebit Solutions Inc. cloud infrastructure utilizes the best hardware in the industry.  We have partnered with companies such as Dell, Cisco & Supermicro


Safebit Solutions Inc., has strategically chosen Alpheus Communications in Houston, TX as our primary data center. The data center is located in the Two Shell Plaza in downtown Houston, TX. This data center has provided excellent up-time since our service inception.


Being that our cloud infrastructure is 100% virtual we are able to quickly and efficiently backup data. We create 1 full image of each cloud instance every night. We then replicate that image offsite to the disaster recovery site. Our imaging solution allows us to provide file level restore for our clients. The disaster recovery site can be used to restore the backup images and restore access to the customers data and accessibility.

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