Sangoma A102 No D-Channel

Hello readers,

We ran into an issue with the configuration of a Sangoma A102 PRI card on a new Elastix 2.5 build for a customer. The customer had a full PRI handoff from AT&T on the IP Flexible Reach product.

After auto detecting the hardware in the GUI and rebooting the PBX the PRI was not coming up.  The AT&T turn-up technician was showing that the D-Channel was down on the IPFlex PRI handoff connecting to the A102.

To resolve I had to dig deep in Sangoma's support files.

Here is what i found out:

AT&T uses a hardware based D-Channel configuration on channel "24" and this has to be set correctly in the config file. By default the auto configuration in Elastix does not set the D-Channel to hardware controlled in the system.conf file.

To correct open the following config file:


Change setting "dchan=24" to "hardhdlc=24"

Save the file and reboot the the system. All should be good at that point.

We hope this saves someone out there hours of troubleshooting.

Update 3/2017
*** We have since standardized on Sangoma's FreePBX. FreePBX auto configuration detects hardware D channel without issue. This makes our job much easier!***

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